Accepted papers

List of accepted papers (in order of submission):

1. Sebastian Philipp Neumann, Siddarth Koduru Joshi, Matthias Fink, Thomas Scheidl, Roland Blach, Carsten Scharlemann, Sameh Abouagaga, Daanish Bambery, Erik Kerstel, Mathieu Barthelemy and Rupert Ursin.
Q³Sat: Quantum Communications Uplink to a 3U CubeSat – Feasibility & Design

2. Stefan Baeuml, Siddhartha Das and Mark Wilde.
Entanglement and secret-key-agreement capacities of bipartite quantum interactions and read-only memory devices

3. Soeren Wengerowsky, Siddarth Koduru Joshi, Fabian Steinlechner, Julien R. Zichi, Sergiy M. Dobrovolsky, René van der Molen, Johannes W. N. Los, Val Zwiller, Marijn A. M. Versteegh, Alberto Mura, Davide Calonico, Massimo Inguscio, Hannes Hübel, Anton Zeilinger, André Xuereb and Rupert Ursin.
In-field entanglement distribution over a 96 km submarine optical fibre

4. Serge Fehr and Dominique Unruh.
Quantum Position-Verification in the Plane

5. Yang Liu, Qi Zhao, Ming-Han Li, Jian-Yu Guan, Yanbao Zhang, Bing Bai, Wei-Jun Zhang, Wen-Zhao Liu, Cheng Wu, Xiao Yuan, Hao Li, Zhen Wang, Lixing You, Jun Zhang, Xiongfeng Ma, Jingyun Fan, Qiang Zhang and Jian-Wei Pan.
Device-independent quantum random number generation

6. Zhengfeng Ji, Yi-Kai Liu and Fang Song.
Pseudorandom Quantum States

7. Yangfan Jiang, Qichao Sun, Yali Mao, Li-Xing You, Wei Zhang, Wei-Jun Zhang, Xiao Jiang, Teng-Yun Chen, Hao Li, Yi-Dong Huang, Xian-Feng Chen, Zhen Wang, Jingyun Fan, Qiang Zhang and Jian-Wei Pan.
Entanglement swapping over 100 km optical fiber with independent entangled photon-pair sources

8. Wenyuan Wang, Hui Liu, Teng-Yun Chen, Feihu Xu and Hoi-Kwong Lo.
Enabling a Scalable High-Rate Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution Network: theory and experiment

9. Philippe Lamontagne, Frédéric Dupuis, Serge Fehr and Louis Salvail.
Secure Certification of Mixed Quantum States and Application to Two-Party Randomness Generation

10. Yukun Wang, Ignatius William Primaatmaja,  Antonios Varvitsiotis and Charles Ci Wen Lim.
Characterising the behaviour of classical-quantum broadcast networks

11. Pei Zeng, Hongyi Zhou and Xiongfeng Ma.
Global Phase Encoding Quantum Key Distribution

12. Lijiong Shen, Jianwei Lee, Thinh Le Phuc, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Alessandro Cere, Thomas Gerrits, Adriana E. Lita, Sae Woo Nam, Valerio Scarani and Christian Kurtsiefer.
Randomness extraction from CHSH violation without fair sampling assumptions with a continuous wave source

13. Gorjan Alagic, Tommaso Gagliardoni and Christian Majenz.
Unforgeable Quantum Encryption

14. Alberto Boaron, Boris Korzh, Gianluca Boso, Davide Rusca, Misael Caloz, Matthieu Perrenoud, Gaëtan Gras, Claire Autebert, Félix Bussières, Ming-Jun Li, Daniel Nolan, Anthony Martin and Hugo Zbinden.
2.5 GHz clocked quantum key distribution over 379 km

15. Gorjan Alagic, Christian Majenz, Alexander Russell and Fang Song.
Quantum-secure message authentication via blind-unforgeability

16. Alexandru Cojocaru, Leo Colisson, Elham Kashefi and Petros Wallden.
On the possibility of classical client blind quantum computing

17. a) Tobias Gehring, Arne Kordts, Dino Solar Nikolic, Nitin Jain, Cosmo Lupo, Stefano Pirandola, Thomas Bochmann Pedersen and Ulrik Lund Andersen.
Vacuum fluctuations quantum random number generator with non-iid samples


b) Marco Avesani, Davide G. Marangon, Giuseppe Vallone and Paolo Villoresi.
Secure heterodyne-based quantum random number generator at 17 Gbps

18. Davide Bacco, Daniele Cozzolino, Beatrice Da Lio, Kasper Ingerslev, Yunhong Ding, Kjeld Dalgaard, Poul Kristensen, Michael Galili, Karsten Rottwitt, Siddharth Ramachandran and Leif Oxenloewe.
High-dimensional fiber based quantum key distribution with twisted photons

19. Fabian Beutel, Julian Münzberg, Andreas Vetter, Wladick Hartmann, Simone Ferrari, Carsten Rockstuhl and Wolfram H.P. Pernice.
Ultrafast Waveguide-Integrated Single-Photon Detectors for On-Chip QKD Detection

20. Rahul Jain, Carl Miller and Yaoyun Shi.
Parallel Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution

21. Gorjan Alagic, Stacey Jefferey, Maris Ozols and Alexander Poremba.
On the power of non-adaptive quantum chosen-ciphertext attacks

22. Or Sattath.
On the insecurity of quantum Bitcoin mining

23. Nai-Hui Chia, Sean Hallgren and Fang Song.
On Basing One-way Permutations on NP-hard problems under Quantum Reductions

24. Dong Yang, Karol Horodecki and Andreas Winter.
Distributed private randomness distillation

25. Myrto Arapinis, Elham Kashefi, Nikolaos Lamprou and Anna Pappa.
A Comprehensive Analysis Of Quantum E-voting Protocols

26. Jeongwan Jin, Jean-Philippe Bourgoin, Ramy Tannous, Sascha Agne, Christopher Pugh, Katanya Kuntz, Brendon Higgins and Thomas Jennewein.
Genuine time-bin-based quantum key distribution over a turbulent depolarizing free-space channel