Industry Session

The industry session will be held on Thursday afternoon, Aug 30, 2018

Detailed schedule will come soon.

Confirmed speakers include (Sorted by alphabet):

QKD developer and user panel

  • N. Gisin (GAP-Optique)
  • Momtchil Peev (Huawei)
  • Kelly Richdale (ID Quantique)
  • Chongjing Xie (Ali Cloud)
  • Yong Zhao (Quantum CTek)
  • Zhiyan Zhao (State Grid Information & Telecommunication Company Ltd, State Grid Corporation of China)

Quantum Computer Panel

  • Ruanyao Duan (Baidu)
  • Shengyu Zhang (Tencent)

Post-Quantum Crypto and QKD Standardization Panel

  • Jintai Ding (University of Cincinnati)
  • Andrew Shields (Toshiba, Chair of ETSI ISG-QKD)
  • Qi Wei (Chair of QKD subgroup of CCSA China Communication Standard Association)